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Sunday School meets on Sundays from 10.45am - 12noon, at Ness Bank Church Hall.

We pride ourselves in being a welcoming church, and we are always pleased to have new families and children join us on a Sunday at Ness Bank.

Sunday School at Ness Bank is for children from age 3 to P7. We meet each Sunday morning in the church halls. Children are welcome to join us at 10.45am and then head upstairs to sit with us for the first part of the service, which includes a children’s sermon. Alternatively, they can sit with their families and join us to go downstairs to Sunday School after the second hymn. Parents/carers can collect children after the service at 12noon.

Each Sunday we learn about the Bible, sing, do crafts, play games and have fun. We have several regular events, including summer picnic, nativity, Christmas party and Messy Church events (see link below) on a Saturday five times a year.

Secondary school pupils are welcome to join us too, and often choose to help the leaders with the younger children or of course stay upstairs for the full service. There are a range of events to suit our older children including Christmas outings, movie nights and summer BBQs. We are always delighted when the older children help out with our Christmas nativity service and other activities throughout the year.

Please come and join us!

For more information, including if you would like to volunteer to help at Sunday School, please contact: 

Anne Macdonald

telephone: 07841 426065



View our Messy Church

Getting ready for the Nativity Play

The Nativity Play

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