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The Choir

Ness Bank has a long history of choral singing. In March 1902, it was reported that, "following the move to our new church the acoustics of the Church are exceptionally good and this tends to display the powers of the organ and choir to a great extent."

As well as singing an anthem every Sunday, for many years we have competed in the Inverness Music Festival, and it is always good to have an adjudication from an unbiased musician.

We rehearse every Thursday in Room 1 at 7.30pm from the end of August to the June Communion and then have a break, but still sing an anthem each Sunday with a short rehearsal on Sunday mornings.

Currently there are 15 members and new members are always welcome so, if you enjoy singing and can spare one and a half hours on a Thursday evening as well as attending church on Sunday morning, please consider coming along - at least to find out what the practices are like! If you can read music, that is all to the good, but you will learn very quickly so if you can’t, don’t let that put you off.

Singing in a choir is very good for you, it has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety and generally contribute to mental alertness.

Music, friendship, halftime break (with cake and sweets) are all provided!

Contact Bridget Black on 01463 230588, for further information and a warm welcome.

Ness Bank Church also has a music group 

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