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The Church of Scotland has a deep concern for the wholeness and wellbeing of each individual. Through its congregations, working together with the safeguarding Service and statutory agencies, the Church seeks to safeguard the welfare of all people who come into contact with the Church.

The Bible proclaims that God cares about the welfare of everyone. The Church of Scotland seeks, through its congregations, to put this into practice.

Ness Bank is committed to ensuring that all who come to Ness Bank, especially the young and vulnerable, are safe. Safeguarding is not something to be feared, rather applauded, as we all want our church to be a place of safety. 

In Ness Bank we have a Safeguarding Coordinator and a Safeguarding Panel. The co-ordinator is Margaret Livingstone and
the panel members are the minister,  the Session Clerk, Mr Malcolm MacBean, and Dr Jack McDonald.


Any concerns at all about a member of the congregation should be reported to one of the above and the concern will be treated in the strictest confidence. As a people of God it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our church is a place of safety and trust.

There are Safeguarding notices both upstairs and in the lower halls giving telephone numbers and more details.

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