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The Music Group will be starting up again on a regular monthly basis.  If you play an instrument and would like to be part of the group leading worship, please get in touch with me.  The music is sent out by email and we rehearse on the morning of the service at 9:15am.  We don’t expect musicians to be available every month – we’re hoping to extend the team to allow for this and we’ll be pleased to have you when you are free.   Hoping to hear from you! 

Margaret Livingstone – Tel: 01456 450936 or email

Open Sanctuary during August 2022

The Kirk Session has agreed to open the Sanctuary for visitors during the month of August. The Sanctuary will therefore be open from Monday 1 August, on a Monday to Friday basis, until Friday 2 September. Opening hours will be 11am to 3pm covered by two volunteers from 11am to 1pm and a further two from 1pm to 3pm. A schedule of dates and times is now on the notice board in the foyer so please, if you can participate, add your name and telephone number on the sheet against whatever time suits you. Please bear in mind that for each session we only require two volunteers. Suitable instructions, etc., will be issued to volunteers. Please add your details as soon as possible as lack of volunteers will not allow this to happen.























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