Lunch Club

Our Lunch Club began in January 2014. We have a lovely main hall and a first class kitchen so seeds were sown and the club was formed. We meet every Wednesday at 12.30pm, enjoy a 2-course meal with coffee, followed by a speaker/entertainment. Our meal is cooked and served by staff from Artysans Café, part of the Calman Trust, who provide training and employment for young folk.

We have four teams from our congregation who set up beforehand, welcome, then enjoy food and fellowship with our participants. Each team works one in four weeks as do our drivers and buddies on the minibus. We are fortunate to have access to a 16-seat minibus allowing some of our members to be collected and returned home again, should they so wish. However space is limited on the bus as the numbers attending lunch are now about 35/40.

When we began we invited members of our own congregation who were over 60 and lived on their own. Now we also enjoy the company of younger folk from the L’Arche Community together with folks who do not belong to our congregation but maybe live in our parish.

All are welcome.

For further information please contact:

Sheila Proudfoot, Tel. 01463 237920

Billy Thompson, Tel. 01463 772020

Church Office, Tel. 01463 221812

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